Small Office Network Solutions

Our goal is to help you support and manage your small business IT assets.

Small businesses rarely have the resources for an IT department, yet need the services that such a department provides. That is why NizMoTek IT Solutions is the answer for your small business. Outsource your IT department. By ensuring that your IT is operating efficiently, you and your business are free to focus on success.

Our solutions focus on supporting your end-users and their machines as well as your core IT such as your critical data and secure networking.

We also provide expertise in disaster recovery solutions and virtualization consulting.

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Local Area Networks (LANs) are the backbone of any business office. When creating a network where all computers use the same data and connect to the internet simultaneously, businesses are setup for success.

Office networks enable staff to collaborate and efficiently execute day-to-day business.

We are a professional provider of office network solutions including everything from computers and furniture to company servers and cloud computing services. Our affordable customized solutions provide the best value for enterprise-level reliability and security.

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