What is End-User Computing?

and what does Digital Transformation mean to you and your staff?

We live in the era of digital transformation or the adoption of digital technology by companies.

IT has been transformed by cloud computing while artificial intelligence continues to develop, becoming an increasingly part of everyone’s daily life.

Generally,  end-user computing refers to a wide range of user-facing resources, such as: desktop and notebook  computers; operating systems and applications; wearables and smartphones; cloud, mobile, and web applications; and virtual desktops and applications.

Furthermore, it also refers to the technologies that IT professionals use to grant access to these resources, like Windows management and security tools, enterprise mobility management software including mobile device management and mobile application management, desktop and application virtualization platforms and management tools, and enterprise file sync-and-share services.

It’s time for the adoption of end-user computing to securely deliver and manage desktops, applications and data. How do we bring that to you?

Application Support

End-User computing support includes technical assistance with issues related to the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365
  • Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud
  • Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Virtual computing for developers

Workstation Support

Management of the end-user workstation is just as important as the workstation itself. Items include:

  • Power management (UPS backup solutions)
  • Cable management
  • Workstation setup 
  • Office furniture setup including ergonomic fulfillments

Printer & Copier Support

No office is complete without a printer. We help to keep the printer running.

  • Printer maintenance and support (paper jams, repairs, etc.0
  • Printer consumables
  • Printer setup and replacements

We can reshape your business model to align with a digitally transformed world. From service desk and on-site service, to asset management and Device As A Service (Daas), we ensure our IT solutions enrich and enhance your business, and ultimately, your success.

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