Running out of storage space?

NizMoTek provides a storage solution to meet the demands of today’s information-intense computing environment.  We take a consultative approach to delivering storage services and technologies which is focused on helping you to achieve your objectives.  As a first step, we’ll examine the complexity of your data, and gain an understanding of your requirements for seamless, continuous access to critical business information.
When assessing your storage requirements, our storage consultants determine the true nature of your business and data, including issues of financial and regulatory compliance as related to data availability.  As well, we’ll review the need for specific capacity and scalability for the movement, management and cataloging of all types of multimedia files, and also the storage of multiple file types from varied enterprise and desktop applications and databases.

Storage Assessment

Many organizations have significantly increased their storage capacity and are now facing unacceptable operating costs due to added complexity and underutilized resources.  A Storage Assessment identifies all of the factors contributing to inefficiencies, poor utilization, performance constraints, and low availability, and provides specific solution recommendations that seek to reduce costs and maximize ROI.
A Storage Assessment provides a road-map to achieving an optimal storage solution that leverages existing resources to the fullest, as well as recommendations on the technologies that can scale for growth in order to meet current and future business objectives.

NizMoTek Storage Assessment service provides customers with:

  • A complete, independent, objective technical assessment of the entire storage environment.
  • An analysis of how the current storage environment contributes to operating costs and how well it fulfills business needs.
  • Specific recommendations that meet current business and technical needs while scaling to meet future needs.

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