What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a robust, high-performance and cost-effective solution to the challenges of all businesses today. Applications become more intensive and demanding, and storage grows and grows and grows. Performance becomes a top priority so your staff can do more work in less time. Traditional solutions required heavy investments in additional hardware and services. Not anymore.

What are the benefits of virtualization and why do you want it?

Some of the key benefits of virtualization are:

  • Server consolidation: by lowering the number of physical servers in your environment, you can reduce your hardware maintenance costs and increase server utilization. This results in decreased TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increased ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Lower footprint / higher rack density: by consolidating your physical servers into less hardware, you increase the space utlization efficiency of your data center.
  • Compartmentalization: by having each application within its own “virtual server” you can prevent one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made.
  • Rapid deployment: you can provision a standard virtual server build that can be easily deployed for faster server deployment.
  • Multiple operating systems: you can deploy multiple operating system technologies on a single hardware platform (i.e. Windows Server 2003, Linux, Windows 2000, etc).
  • Disaster recovery: Virtual machines can have ‘snapshots’ which are like photocopies of a server. Snapshots make backup and recovery dramatically easier and faster, which is advantageous for upgrades and even disaster recovery.

By taking advantage of server virtualization you can easily improve the efficiency of your Data Center, as well as lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).
Virtualization has succeeded to provide these benefits as well as cost-effectiveness. But most importantly, virtualization saves time. A virtualized environment takes hardware out of the equation, dramatically reducing the time associated with hardware acquisition, setup and maintenance of business applications. 


Our virtualization consulting service provides an assessment of your current environment for ‘virtualization readiness’. Evaluating such things as network infrastructure, current server hardware and potential storage capabilities are critical to a successful virtualization deployment.
We evaluate the readiness of your infrastructure and suggest improvements, recommendations and absolute requirements in order to facilitate a smooth migration for your company to a virtualized environment and future capacity for cloud computing.
Why not check out VMware’s Cost-Per-Application Calculator to get an idea of the potential costs savings of a virtualzied environment.


Based on the results of the ‘virtualization readiness assessment’, we will procure all the necessary hardware and software from trusted vendors at affordable prices. We also make the best effort to re-purpose your existing resources and achieve the best balance between performance and cost.


We will schedule around the convenience of your business. We work in a manner that has minimal impact on your business process including your staff and your clients. With little to no downtime, you can trust NizMoTek to deliver a complete virtualization solution with trust and confidence.