Access to Lifecycle Manager fails in vCenter

On a freshly built vCenter and I added the SSO config to the Active Directory. Once rebooted, I logged in as a domain account and could not open the Lifecycle Manager. Instead, I was greeted with this screen:

Authentication failed, Lifecycle Manager server could not be contacted

After checking for permissions, roles, etc., I was disappointed to find the following when looking at this VMWare article.

Currently there is no solution. VMware is aware of this issue.

This is a rather large oversight if you ask me.

The only solution is to log out and back into the console as the administrator of the local server domain. No Active Directory Single Sign on benefits.

I’m looking forward to a resolution.

Edit: I updated the vCenter Server Appliance to vCenter Version: 7.0.3 Build: 18901211. Since the upgrade, I’ve been able to use my Single Sign On Active Directory account to administer the environment. Glad to see my post brought this issue to light!

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