Ditch the shoebox for a vault: How to preserve your digital life for decades

Good point: …cloud storage solutions can be expensive in the long run (for instance, 50 GB of iCloud storage costs $100 per year) and, obviously, they require broadband Internet: if your Internet goes down (or perhaps you’re traveling), not only can you not access your data, you can’t save anything either. You also have to […]

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Improving performance of ESXi on a server with HP Smart Array P410 controller

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After deploying a Proliant ML150 G6 with ESXi 5.5U2 to a remote office, the users were complaining of dismal performance. After investigating and reviewing various metrics of the machine, we noticed very high disk latencies (average of 20ms). After doing some “Googleing”, it was decided to install the Battery-Backed-Write-Cache battery module (what a mouthful!). Yes, one would […]

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How to restart winbindd on QNAP 439

One day the QNAP439 device would no longer serve CIFS/Samba shares. The admin page still worked, storage seemed fine and there were no events? Considering how long this device (unfortunately) takes to restart, these steps successfully restarted just the SAMBA process. [/etc/init.d] # ./smb.sh stop Shutting down SMB services: smbd nmbd. Shutting down winbindd services: […]

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