Windows could not complete the installation (after sysprep).

This got me going again…
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Here’s what I did to solve it for myself (I had run sysprep /generalize /oobe to move my machine from an AMD to an Intel platform):

1) Get the command prompt with Shift-F10.
2) Run services.msc and turn anything that you disabled yourself to Automatic (use your head here, for example Nero’s NMIndexService can stay off), in case you’ve done services tweaking like I did.
3) Ensure the sptd service is disabled if you have it installed (used for virtual CD/ISO-mounting apps), you do this with regedit, it’ll be in HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServices I believe.
4) Reboot
5) Command prompt again, cd to WindowsSystem32oobe and run msoobe
6) Create a new user and go through the steps.
After the OOBE part was done, I just got a black screen instead of going to desktop. Just sat there, so I powered off and rebooted. After reboot, it logged me into the new user I had created.
7) Log back into your old user, all should be fine now.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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Thanks Gypsy. I tweaked your post a bit and did the following:

After getting the command prompt:
I ran MMC > Add Remove Snap In > Computer Management > System Tools > Users to change my Administrator password to meet the requirements.


Add Remove Snap In >Group Policy Object > Local Computer >Computer Configuration > Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>Security Option and changed “Accounts: Administrator Accounts status” to enabled. From there a restart and “bob’s your uncle”!

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