Disconnecting hard drive on Fresco Logic USB 3.0 (Win7x64) on ASUS U36JC

On my ASUS U36Jc-B2B laptop, I’ve been trying to copy large files (>3GB) to my (work’s) Western Digital Passport 3.0 750GB USB drive. However, this always resulted in the drive disconnecting and the copy operation failing. I’ve tried numerous driver uninstall and reinstall with the same result, until I found a post linking to this driver.
This is the version. The latest posted version of this driver on ASUS’s website was
Nonetheless, I can now copy files without the drive disconnecting.
I’m not sure the throughput is 100% as I’ve seen the same drive hit upto 92MB/s on my Intel desktop machine.
Hope this helps anyone out there with similar issues.

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