Making a WinPE CD

Here’s 8 steps to create a bootable WinPE CD:

  1. start “Deployment Tools Command Prompt” as administrator
  2. copype.cmd x86 c:winpe_x86
  3. Dism /Mount-WIM /WimFile:c:winpe_x86winpe.wim /index:1 /MountDir:c:winpe_x86mount
  4. Dism /image:<path_to_image> /Add-Driver /Driver:(Here I put the folder path to the folder with the .inf and .sys files) /recurse (the /recurse causes all the drivers in that folder to be added)
  5. dism /unmount-wim /Mountdir:c:winpe_x86mount /commit
  6. copy c:winpe_x86winpe.wim c:winpe_x86ISOsourcesboot.wim
  7. oscdimg -n C:winpe_x86ISO C:winpe_x86winpe_x86.iso (this creates a burnable .iso)
  8. Burn the .iso to CD/DVD.

via Making a WinPE CD with HP SmartArray Raid Drivers « BasementJack.

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