“Cannot run upgrade script on host” during upgrade from ESXi 5.5 to ESXi 6.0

While trying to update our ESXi 5.5 host to 6.0. the error “Cannot run upgrade script on host” occurred at ~93%. After some googling, we found the below website (it referenced ESXi 5.0 but it worked for the 5.5–>6.0 upgrade), whose second option resolved our issue.
The basic resolution steps were…

  • disable HA for the cluster
  • remove the ESXi host from the cluster
  • connect via SSH to the ESXi host and run the following commands to uninstall the FDM agent:

    cp /opt/vmware/uninstallers/VMware-fdm-uninstall.sh /tmp

    chmod +x /tmp/VMware-fdm-uninstall.sh


  • reboot the host
  • add the ESXi host back to the cluster

Thanks Keine!
Source: “Cannot run upgrade script on host” during upgrade from ESXi 5.1 to ESXi 5.5 – www.running-system.com

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