“Cannot configure or query coredump partition” error while trying to create host profile

While trying to create a host profile on one of our ESXi hosts, we came across this error:

Cannot configure or query coredump partition

These hosts are all booted using a USB key (to maximize available direct attached storage space) so perhaps this was why the coredump partition wasn’t configured.

Nonetheless, the only resolve was to SSH into the host (as root) and run the following commands:

esxcli system coredump partition get

This command gave “Not a known device: mpx.#######:##:##:##:#”

Run the following command to clear that error:

esxcli system coredump partition set -u

And the next command to instruct the system to find a suitable partition for the coredumps.

esxcli system coredump partition set -e true -s

Running the first command again will verify that the partition has been set.

esxcli system coredump partition get

Lo and behold, creating a new host profile is now successful!

Thanks to Varrow Blogs for the detailed steps.

Source: Varrow Blogs | Giving Back to the IT Community – The Technology Blogs of Varrow Engineers | Page 17






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